how’s this sounding?

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Hands down, that man can SANG! Who knew that 19 year-old Florida rapper XXXTentacion would be singing these notes to tune of a guitar riff background?

Not sure what happened, but X deleted all the posts on his Instagram page to usher in this unnamed song, posted just earlier today (Jan. 6th).

Although the song is sad in nature, this style of music is a new lane for the rapper and so far, it sounds like it could serve him quite well.

What seems like the hook in the short snippet goes as follows:

It just keep me wondering, [?] in silence
It just keeps me going insane
Numb the pain like I was on novacaine
Numb the pain, pain…

So far, it’s muthaf*ckin’ lit!🔥

Hopefully this post doesn’t get deleted and X drops this as a single ASAP. Check out his Instagram page here (link).