Cardi B’s on fire 🔥!

(What else is new?)

This video is too damn funny 😂😂😂

Even though Cardi’s dressed up in a stocking cap, sweatpants, and a sports bra looking like a regular shmegular chick from the Bronx, she’s totally become 2017’s breakout star and can’t do anything else besides enjoy the fact that she literally took the year by storm with ‘Bodak Yellow’. Cardi quotes:

I’m very mothafucking happy…I got 3 songs in the top ten!!! You know how that make a bitch feel?? Thank y’all everybody for downloading ‘Bardier Carti’!

Like… damn that’s amazing. It’s pure bliss! It’s always good to watch someone get so much success because it makes the people who can relate feel like they can do the same thing.

While ‘Bartier Cardi’ is currently trailblazing the Billboard Hot 100, we’re looking forward to what stops Cardi B pulls these next few months and the whole year to come.

Congrats mami, from TSP!👍👍