[Chorus: Famous Dex]
Money is right in my pocket (it is)
Tell me about money, boy stop it
Diamonds they right in my chain
Your diamonds fake, boy drop it
Wait, me and Critch pull up in a lamb
Everybody lookin’ like damn
You a fake, you a spam
Run up on me, swear to God I’ma blam

So……. the blog title has nothing to do with the actual song—but Famous Dex, Rich The Kid, and Jay Critch linked up for their latest collab, ‘Spam’ (prod. by The Lab Cook).

RTK recently tweeted about the collab, hinting at an upcoming Rich Forever 4 mixtape dropping soon.

Dex features ‘Spam’ on his DJ Shon-hosted mixtape/album, Read About It. Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up here (link).