Azealia Banks (n):

Painted as a monster by the media. Portrayed as the “angry black woman” with nothing but negativity to spur on Twitter, Snapchat, and almost every social media platform she could use to rant.

For a minute, the world believed this definition of her. The world bought that story: Azealia Banks, the media bully headliner.

And unfortunately, the world still does…

Because outside of ‘212’ we’ve only gotten to know her as this notorious online gangsta who’s done nothing for the culture except start beef with noteworthy celebs from Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and ASAP Rocky, to Diplo, Sia, and even Russell Crowe at one point.

Azealia Banks In The Media

While the stories written in the media about Banks’ over-the-top frenzies won’t be linked here (they’re all over the net), those things surely did come from her mouth and she surely did participate in feud after feud that constantly landed her in gossip blogs.

But was there a formula to it…a method to the madness, per se? This interview with Complex scratches the surface behind Banks’ struggles and mindset prior to the shift in persona that she presents today.

Banks’ Current Reality

Not only does she describe being in a different mental space, but the mini-documentary breaks down how Banks’ dealt with social and personal issues before vs. now, and things truly do seem to be brighter for her future.

Now, does that mean that she’ll never revert back to snapping heads off with virtual clapbacks and brazen diss records? Hell naw! Ain’t happening. Azealia’s human just like the rest of us. What she describes in the video as experiencing a quarter-life crisis is something any young adult with a backbone couldn’t help but to sympathize on…

Leave your opinions behind and get into this 8-minute Complex mini documentary below. People deserve to be given a second chance, and Azealia Banks needs to regain her likeness with the worldwide audience watching her every move. After all, she is a truly talented musician and her artistry has since promised to breakthrough the music industry: