I hate to even ask myself this question…

Will TheSpeakerPlug.com ever be a thing? Could it ever really pop off?”

Truth of the matter is…., there’s no “I” in “team” and I’ve been overwhelmed sitting here trying to undertake this project and get it off the ground by myself,


I’m just really investing time in getting real-life, hands-on experience to put toward this creation. Re-branding the site, creating a niche, and finding myself as a person as it relates to my love for music have all been on my mind these past months and are a huge part of the mission I have for The Speaker Plug.

What hit me the hardest was losing all my files, all my posts/pictures, and all my good content merging from GoDaddy to BlueHost. I swear I spent many, many, many, many, many days and nights writing, editing, cutting/copying/pasting pictures, posting, tweeting, Facebooking, and doing the most for my website only to lose it all within a month. I didn’t do an .xml backup of my posts, and when I backed up my site, I didn’t have the tech know-how to restore everything after switching hosting companies.

There may be a way to restore, but, at this point I’ve lost a lot of the drive and hope I truly had for this project.

I swear I became even more doubtful after a site I followed, CantStopHipHop, had written a post (which is no longer there) announcing that they’d pulled the plug on writing Hip-hop because it was a very competitive niche with low ROI. And man, when I tell you that really hurt me deep, I still think about it to this day.

But seeing Cardi B‘s recent super-stardom success, hearing standout tracks from SZA/Travis Scott, and falling off riding Famous Dex‘s drip wave have had my interests so blurred and obscured that when it comes to my genuine taste in Hip-hop, I’ve gotta say that I’ve kinda lost sight in my overall vision and what the site really stands for.

So to be real I’m not sure my passion could be the same, but I know that I had a good thing going that I can’t let it go–I just need time to find better things to invest into it.

With all that being said, I’ll cut the small talk and keep this updated soon. Until then; keep it plugged and keep it G.


Colsin, The Speaker Plug