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Nicki Minaj’s Signature Barbie Chain Stolen, But She Hashtags #BarbieChainBack

“This new one definitely leveled up… with the carots.” - Nicki tweets
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Nicki Minaj’s Signature Barbie Chain Stolen, But She Hashtags #BarbieChainBack

Remember this epic signature look from back in the 2009 days—featured as the top photo on this post? Yup, you do, and only a bad b**** like Nicki Minaj could make that Barbie chain look so damn good.

It’s such a shame, though. The low-down dirt bagging gang of bandits who recently burglarized Nicki’s Los Angeles mansion was capping a lil too hard, and potentially snatched the Barbie chain during their heist. TMZ reports that the thieves got away with roughly 200K worth of jewelry, ransacking the Cali pad and knocking over furnishings so viciously as if looking for something in particular.

Perhaps ex Meek Mill’s ring or maybe the Barbie chain’s what they wanted. Whatever it was—ain’t no way in hell Nicki lost that chain on her own.

It’s all good. Kim K, you’ll be aight too.

Cause not only do Drake and Wayne still got Nicki’s back, she also hit the Gram to tease Major Lazer/PARTYNEXTDOOR’s ‘Run Up’ video with a brand new Barbie chain and the hashtag #BarbieChainBack. After all this BS, what else is a black Barbie to do?

#BarbieChainBack 💎 #RunUpVideoShoot

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