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Lil Debbie Doesn’t Give An “Amsterdam” In Grunge-Inspired ‘F That’ Video

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Lil Debbie Doesn’t Give An “Amsterdam” In Grunge-Inspired ‘F That’ Video

Wannabe. Hood white girl. Trash.

The YouTube comments section was too harsh when it came to this video.

But to be real about it, no matter how many times folks try to put Lil Debbie down, the Bay Area rapper bounces right back with some new sh*t and this time she came through with the video for ‘F That’ from her self-titled “Debbie” album.

Lil Debbie – F That (Video)

On sight from Amsterdam, Netherlands, the ‘F That’ video is a grim overview of Debbie’s run in the Hip-Hop/Rap industry and seems to be a pure rejection of biased labels who prefer Debb to clean up her style, image, and lyrics.

Speaking of lyrics, catch what Debbie’s talking about after the video below:

[Verse 2: Lil Debbie]

Radio station amazing they still ain’t playing my sh*t
They can never say they made my sh*t
Knowing god d*** well these b**** can’t fade my sh*t
Real sh*t b****
Stupid hoe tryna tell me that i drink too much
Smoke too much
Joke too much
So what hoe I’m dope too much
Take a d*** you can choke on us
Whatchu thought hoe
Record label told me that my image ain’t clean
Whatchu mean I’m the queen
On the scene
Got the team
In a dream
Kush and the lean
F*** yall I’m still getting green
Whatchu talking ’bout

-Lyrics: Genius

It’s probably true that this video was shot between a few of Lil Debbie’s European tour dates last November. Flight packages and fares around Europe ain’t too expensive and green’s practically legal in the Netherlands too, so y’all can probably guess where this story (and Debbie) ended up going.

Shoutout to video director Pascal Kerouche for the gothic, graffiti, and grunge-inspired feel to this entire package. Stay up on Debbie’s timeline (@L1lDebbie), and if you feeling it, cop the self-titled “Debbie” album on the Tunes (link).

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