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Jose Guapo And Rique Heat Up Diamonds In ‘Ice Drip’

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Jose Guapo And Rique Heat Up Diamonds In ‘Ice Drip’

Nah son, don’t get it confused. This here ain’t no Famous Dex song cause the drip ain’t from the walk.

This time around, the drip’s from the ice. Ice, ice baby.

Jose Guapo and Rique – Ice Drip (Audio)

Rappers Jose Guapo and Rique about to forge flawless diamonds from their ‘Ice Drip’ in this joint effort, produced by BandPlay and featured on Mixtape Monopoly’s “Wake And Drank” mixtape:

While Guapo and Rique hot potato verses back-and-forth throughout the track, the sinister beat runs underneath BandPlay’s hella suspenseful instrumental keys. The chorus swangs:

[Hook (x2) – Rique]

Ice, Drip

Look at that Thang on my wrist

Ice, Drip

Diamonds so froze in this bih

Ice, Drip

VVS dance like a (?)

Watch me go run up a check

Ice dripping on my neck

…And, last but not least, y’all already know to catch @JoseGuapo, @Rique, and @Bandplay on Twitter for the exclusives.

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