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Verse Simmonds Could Actually Be Iggy Azalea’s ‘Savior’

Iggy Azalea's "Digital Distortion" Due To Release In 2017
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Verse Simmonds Could Actually Be Iggy Azalea’s ‘Savior’

Iggy Azalea’s been constantly linked to rapper French Montana for the past year or so, but it could be possible that the real knight in shining armor here is Verse Simmonds, a ‘Savior’ from the torturous internet trolls and hordes of haters Iggy faced 2015 and 16.

—And maybe, just maybe, this could be the truth.

‘Savior’ Is In Preliminary (Demo) Stages

Remember when Iggy and Verse had posted a clip to the gram back in August where Iggy was twerking in the studio to some sort of collab they made? Well, that’s just one of many records out there, but floating around the net is another tune titled ‘Savior’, an island-influenced demo song (reportedly) produced by Verse Simmonds that features an unknown vocalist on the hook:

[Pre-Hook: Iggy Azalea]
Cuz my heart beats for you only
I wonder if you even know me
Countin’ down every moment
That I wait for ya, I wait for ya
I wonder if you even notice
Lately I’ve been feelin’ hopeless
Easy to lose focus, but I’ll wait for ya…

[Hook: Verse Simmonds]
I’ve been looking for a savior (x2)
I been looking for a hero in my corner
I’ve been looking for a savior
A savior, to save me…

—Lyrics: Genius

Alotta rumors been swirling around the net saying that this song’ll feature on Igg’s second studio album, “Digital Distortion“, but that’s hella hard to confirm just through the grapevine. Based on the song lyrics, Genius.com puts Verse Simmonds on the hook while performing a Google search shows where other sources list him as ‘Savior’ ‘s producer.

Whatever way you spin it, the album’s release was backburnt several times not only because the lead single ‘Team’ received mixed reviews, but aside from that, relationship drama with Lakers’ Nick Young also emotionally strained Iggy’s creative process, making the album much less of a priority. Therefore, it’s unclear as to exactly who features on and who produces this song.

‘Savior’ Unconfirmed As “Digital Distortion” Single

Since ‘Savior’ isn’t yet confirmed to be on the upcoming album, it’s just a real cute demo at this point. BreatheHeavy.com claims the internet is completely obsessed with the idea of Sia’s vocals covering the hook, and based on how the song currently sounds with the chorus’ lyrics, it’s no wonder why folks would gravitate toward Sia to take this song to the next level.

Whoever’s ear heard Sia’s voice being on this track had an amazing idea, and honestly, on the official version that might just happen. Watch Iggy tease an Instagram snippet of ‘Savior’ below, and lastly, be sure to follow the release of “Digital Distortion” on Twitter @IggyAzalea.


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