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Top 3 Reasons ‘Cash Me Outside, How Bout Dah’ Is 2017’s 1st Viral Catchphrase

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Every so often some type of trend goes viral on the internet, be it a song, dance, challenge, or what have you.

Last Thanksgiving everybody was screaming “green, beans, potatoes, tomatoes” from the instantly popular #YouNameIt challenge. This year it’s time for something new and less than in a whole month into 2017, a new viral clip from an episode Dr. Phil is trending down everyone’s timeline without stopping anytime soon.

Now TheSpeakerPlug.com ain’t gonna act like a dozen million other sites haven’t already gossiped, spoofed, or written about this, but we (specifically) are here to present the top 3 reasons why “Cash Me Outside, How Bout Dah” is the viral catchphrase being heard around the net:

#1) Not Originally From “Outside”; From Dr. Phil Instead

Dr. Phil is a household staple, so #1 is a given simply due to the viewer potential. Here’s the original clip and what the Doc had to say:

#2) Remixed, Edited, Meme-d, & Songified By Millions, “How Bout Dah”?

These memes are too much. The song is even worse. Sometimes the internet can be sooooooo meme, you know? Laugh at the few of many internet edits included below:

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Source: On Sizzle

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#3) “Cash Me Outside, How Bout Dah” Gives You Street Cred

What the hell type of obscured-sounding accent is that? Even Dr. Phil has to break it down and the answer he gets is that it’s “from tha streets.”

WorldStarHipHop referred to the “Cash Me Outside” girl as a “wannabe thug” in the title of a post concerning the topic. Tsk. Tsk.

It’s more than just a talk game, you’ve gotta to do more than say something’s from the streets to earn street cred off it. Especially in 2017 and the world’s only getting colder this day and age. At this point though, the phrase has gone so infamously viral that it’s made its way onto UrbanDictionary.com, a true testament to America’s urban and “street culture” slang.

OK So…Did Anyone Ever Cash Her Outside? What Bout Dah?

Unfortunately someone did catch (and beat up) this girl outside, but it’s not any of TSP’s business to post the video here, with respect to age. The clip’s on YouTube for anyone wanting to take a closer look.

Moral of the story is: The internet birthed a real-life motto from “Cash Me … Bout Dah”. A star, however, probably wasn’t born. Once a clip’s been spoofed over a million times it’s quite hard to live down, but looking on the bright side, at least it’s comical enough to stick as a meme for many sweet everlasting years to come.

Now with that being said, everyone go like and share this post with your friends, family, associates, and even your haters, or every last one y’all is gonna have to cash TSP outside, too.

*Snaps fingers* How Bout Dah?

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