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Blame President Trump For The Azealia Banks And Rihanna Showdown

Azealia to Rihanna: "Shut up and sit down"
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Blame President Trump For The Azealia Banks And Rihanna Showdown

Even before being sworn in as the nation’s 45th president, Donald Trump’s done nothing but create endless drama and stir up violence amongst the American public.

Surprise! Trump’s now the source of an absolutely nonsensical fight between the one and onlies, Azealia Banks and Rihanna.

Now these ladies didn’t physically take it to the streets, “cash each other outside,” or pull up on each other to start a war.

It was back-and-forth disses, apparently over President’s controversial immigration ban against Muslims and green cardholders, that got Banks and Rihanna to barking.

Thunder and lightning first struck when Rihanna tweeted about her disgust toward the President’s immigration ban, calling Trump an “immoral pig.”

Disgusted! The news is devastating! America is being ruined right before our eyes! What an immoral pig you have to be to implement such BS!!

-Rihanna on Twitter

For some odd reason though, Banks took this as an opportunity to speak on the matter (against Rihanna) and defend Trump as well, quoting:

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Image courtesy of Huffington Post/Banks’ Instagram

Next thing you know, Rihanna claps back on Instagram with pics and hashtags directly aimed at Banks (who recently posted a video depicting 3 years worth of “brujeria” in her apartment.)

#StayAwayFromTheChickens, #IHeartNuggets, #SaveOurHens, Rihanna pounded.

Then, Banks dropped Rihanna’s personal phone line in a since-deleted snapshot that, of course, the internet still managed to snag. Rihanna wasn’t afraid to do some dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt and leak Banks’ number too.

Multiple sources posted these shots, and according to The Sun, both phone lines disconnected as soon as they surfaced:

azealia banks fights rihanna, azealia banks rihanna, azealia banks donald trump rihanna, azealia rihanna, rihanna donald trump
Image courtesy of Independent/Banks’ Instagram

After a stint of nonstop bickering, Rihanna seems to take the higher road, sharing a photo of her charity project with African-born Malawian children whereas Banks, still on a roll, warns that she’s a “witch” and says Riri would need “back up” to knock her down.

While this is another sticky situation involving the two, our account only scratches the surface. Follow Rihanna (@Rihanna), Azealia Banks (@AzealiaBanks), and Trump (@POTUS) on Twitter and dig into the articles below for more scoop:

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