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Young Thug: No, My Name Is ‘Webbie’ (feat. Duke)

Thugga Says; "No, My Name Is 'Webbie', Not Jeffery..."
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Bling. Bling.

And more bling.

‘Cause that’s exactly what you’ll be getting from Thugger’s recent clip, ‘Webbie’, which features YSL collaborator Lil Duke.

Webbie, born Webster Gradney, Jr. on Sept. 6th 1985, is totally relishing in the fact that newcomers like Thug and Duke are still paying homage to the South’s “trill” and “savage life” Hip-Hop movements.

Yet these newcomers aren’t new to collaborating with each other, as previously seen in ‘With That’ and ‘For My People’.

[Video] Young Thug – Webbie ft. Duke

‘Webbie’ finds Young Thug and Duke basking in a Pop-style, Hip-Hop arrangement, while the visual piece highlights the duo’s lavish lifestyles, money, and iced-out bling.

Take a look at the ‘Webbie’ video below, successfully snapped by director Garfield Larmond:

[Hook: Young Thug]

This politician is so fake
They politickin’ ’bout these cases
I told her roll me up a blunt and I’ma face it
Troublemaker man
I’ve been shootin’ out with my neighbors, yeah
My lil n**** tryna trap it out in the vacant, yeah
Patek Phillipe they got my wrist and they don’t play with that
She been suckin’ d*** way before a n*** made it, yeah

–Lyrics: Genius

Young Thug’s “No, My Name Is Jeffery” project is available on iTunes ,and ‘Webbie’ is first on the tracklist.

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