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Ladies, Here’s Your Chance To Be Fetty Wap’s ‘Shorty’

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Ladies, Here’s Your Chance To Be Fetty Wap’s ‘Shorty’

Fetty Wap’s reaching almost a decade back to the year 2007, when T-Pain was putting autotune on the map and Plies was making his first impact on mainstream radio, to recreate his own super R&B version of the hit song, ‘Shorty’.

After listening once, you’ll likely need the lyrics to understand what the hell Fetty Wap is sing/mumbling about in the second verse, or bridge.

Whichever way you spin the track, the T-Pain inspiration is effortlessly presented throughout the audio, (and in the song title replica, too!):

By the way, the New Jersey headliner’s sophomore album will be coming to an outlet near you. Be on the lookout for that and keep up with Mr. 17/38 on Twitter for exclusives.

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