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Blake And Trill Sammy Collab In ‘Big Homie’

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Blake And Trill Sammy Collab In ‘Big Homie’

Looks like producers Polygrafic (a.k.a. “Sample God”) and Kbace1 brought together a mix, big enough for the collaborative spirit of Blake and Trill Sammy in their video for ‘Big Homie’.

Peep the visual below, that begins with a signature RR (Rolls Royce) symbol directly in the camera lens, followed by girl kiss scenes, and money falling out frame by frame. But that’s just a small precursor, though, because the nearly 5-minute video is an endless frenzy from beginning to end.

Blake & Trill Sammy – Big Homie (Video):

Plug into Polyfgrafic (@Polygrafic), Kbace1 (@kbace1), Trill Sammy (@TrillSammyy), and Blake (@ohthatsblake) on Twitter for exclusives.

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