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Snow Tha Product Tells “Tha Truth” In ‘No Lie’ Video

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Snow Tha Product Tells “Tha Truth” In ‘No Lie’ Video

Ain’t it a damn shame to be cheated on, continuously lied to, and mistreated in a relationship (or “love”, to put it that way)?

Unfortunately, Snow Tha Product understands this emotionally-ridden concept and lays down a track about the darker side of “bae goals” in her song, ‘No Lie’.

Scenes in the video of a couple arguing and fighting symbolize that stressful bulls*** Snow refers to in the song’s hook:

You know I would tell you if I was f***** with somebody on the side
No lie, no lie (No lie, no lie)
No lie, no lie (No lie)
If we having our issues and I’m feeling like I need to confide
No lie (No lie)
No lie (No lie)

All there is to say is—be careful to avoid relationship drama at all costs. It ain’t worth the headache. You good. And watch out, my dudes, ’cause Snow’s calling you f*** boys to the mat.

Snow Tha Product In ‘No Lie’ Video

Man, oh man. Know that Snow’s telling “tha truth” (and nothing but the truth) in the ‘No Lie’ video below. Stay woke with Tha Product on Twitter, too.

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