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Ciara’s Charges Against Future Scrapped By Lawyers

More fame, less room to complain
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Future may have been under federal investigation for libel and slander claims ex-fiancée Ciara has been continually alleging against him this past year, but, Ciara’s own lawyer scrapped these allegations this past week.

Ciara’s Charges Against Future Dropped By Lawyers

Reason being? Since the famed singer’s (and mother of the rap star’s infant son) career grosses her a financially comfortable-enough income, the lawyer deems his client’s lifestyle as too lofty to pursue a civil claim in the court of law. Actually, Ciara’s reportedly earning more career money than Future at the moment.

It’s safe to say, and quite possible that Future and Ciara’s lifestyles are too paid, even for the lawyer who made the decision on this case. Wise choice, sir, because sometimes more money can mean more problems, right?

Going (way) forward, this estranged situation creates a huge void of uncertainty about the ex-couple’s forthcoming years. Ciara still has Future pinned under a $15M civil lawsuit for related charges, so, until their child becomes a full-fledged adult, court conflict may periodically arise before the two can agree to settle their long-standing differences.

Despite the outcome, past and present, or what’s next in this case, head on over to Ciara and Future’s Twitters to see each party’s final verdict.

Source: HipHopDx.

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