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Wryterr Burns Gas At The ‘Redlight’

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Wryterr Burns Gas At The ‘Redlight’

Wryterr jumps in the car, dipping through traffic, and running through every ‘Redlight’ in the city.

Even though Wryterr is repping the independent scene, ‘Redlight’ is a track with major potential. The trap-style, Zaytoven-esque production is credit of Dolan Beats. Wryterr lets go on the hook, rhyming about “friends vs. foes”:

Pull up on a p*** n*** at the redlight and let that b*** go.
Man you know how this go
Ain’t no friends, just foes (x2)
Ya’ partner (x4)
Be the main one, to slit ya’ d*** throat.
Tell me what you gon’ do when they beef.
Tell me what you gon’ do with the heat.
Is you gon’ bust it,
Or die when you living for something?

Stream Wryterr’s ‘Redlight’ single below:

Follow more of Wryterr’s moves on Twitter, and finally, check out producer Dolan Beats here.

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