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Lil Debbie Needs Clothes For Upcoming Euro Tour

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Lil Debbie Needs Clothes For Upcoming Euro Tour

Cali’s sweetheart, Lil Debbie, is packing every suitcase, getting her passport ready, and hopping on a long a** flight to Europe. But first, it looks like Debbie’s missing something:

Dope clothes, huh? There’s a wardrobe full of things to wear, but they’re not in Debbie’s closet. But low-key, Debbs, Europe has all the hidden jewels of great clothing gear you need there.

Lil Debbie European Tour Dates 2016

And given that fashion changes between continents, Debb has to make a statement costume change each set. She tweeted a few tour dates:

Lil Debbie visited a few spots earlier this year, including Barcelona and Paris, but with the rapper’s increasing popularity, you can expect every show to be more impressive these days.

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