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Famous Dex’s “Dexter The Robot” Mixtape

Easily 2016's Littest Mixtape Thusfar
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Editor's Review

8 Originality
7.5 Instrumentals/Samples
6 Features
9 Cohesiveness
5.5 Popularity

Straight out of Chicago, here comes rapper Famous Dexter blazing a fire trail because his new mixtape “Dexter The Robot” is completely lit from beginning to end.

…And the 14-song tracklist includes features from everybody making noise right now in the game, including Jose GuapoUgly God, Quavo, Rich The KidLite Fortunato, and Trill Sammy. The list goes on, but nonetheless, a handful of artists feature on “Dexter The Robot“.

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While none of the songs are too long, the mixtape’s sound direction is cohesive, adding a defining consistency that artists need to maintain these days. “Dexter The Robot” is a melting pot of producers, consisting of Gnealz, BigHead, Maaly Raw, Sega, Eera, and more. Of course, DJ Shon hosts the entire project down to perfection.

Dex mainly raps in double/halftime-type style and his beats catch his flow in a slick, laidback-ish tempo. It’s refreshing to hear the hopscotch-like, “jug” feel to the skippy verses and lines throughout the project.

So catch Dex on Twitter for more music exclusives, and…

Stream Famous Dex’s “Dexter The Robot” mixtape below:

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