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22 Savage Triggers A Major Identity Crisis

Not 100% Sure? Do The Math. It's Either 21 Or 22.
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22 Savage Triggers A Major Identity Crisis

There’s 2 sides to every story—and to be exact, this one has 22. The name on the net’s lips right now is Louisiana rapper 22 Savage, who, according to SOHH, has been “rapping all his life without getting in any attention from it.” And nowadays, things change…

But, are these things for better or for worse?

Before the name “22 Savage” made rounds on the internet, this guy was known as Mighty Mike, Funny A** Mike, or GirlHeFunny in older stints as a comedian. Right about now though, MacArthur Johnson (22 Savage’s real name) is proudly boasting the fact that he’s a completely hijacked version of 21 Savage:

I jacked 21 Savage’s name. I jacked him out of his name. I just changed the number. I just jacked him. He’s gotta take his licks.

I just felt like jacking him. 22 Savage. I’m really a savage out here. I’m really in the slums. I’m in the trenches.

22 Savage to SOHH.com

Going deeper, 22 spoke to SOHH about his upcoming murder trial, stating that he could potentially face life or the death penalty. He claims self-defense in a gunfight over party flyers, which led to the shooting of a 20 year-old.

The major identity crisis spawns from 22’s ‘Jumpin’ video, which hugely caught the internet by surprise. The similarities 22 makes between himself and 21 are apparent, however, his originality could seem lackluster and even be a cause for disappointment to real 21 Savage fans.

22 Savage To Release A “Savage Mode” Mixtape

22 Savage made bold moves with  the announcement of his own “Savage Mode” mixtape, which 21 Savage & Metro Boomin originally dropped this past July. Speaking of Metro Boomin, the internet is equating this stunt to the Future/Desiigner comparison:

Not to promote perpetration, but, it genuinely does feel like any Joe Schmoe can get clicks, re-tweets, blog hits, hashtags, and even become an overnight celebrity off of whatever type of come-up these days. If that’s your hustle boo, then get it how you live.

Shaking my head

Whether or not you agree with this approach, just watch 22 Savage (ft. 21 Savage) in the ‘Jumpin’ video below:

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