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Verse Simmonds Gets Iggy Azalea Back In The Booth

Iggy Azalea Twerks To Her Song With Verse Simmonds
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Verse Simmonds Gets Iggy Azalea Back In The Booth

PSA: Get Iggy Azalea back to the studio, immediately!

Although some would oppose this idea, 2015 presented the rapper with endless challenges in her public and private life.

The recent relationship meltdown with the Lakers’ Nick Young, lack of current relevancy in music, and a widely-suspected use of cultural appropriation in her artistry all seem to have worked against Iggy in her run to the top.

Verse Simmonds Gets Iggy Azalea Back In The Studio

Despite the recent hardships, Iggy was seen in the studio with Verse Simmonds in a video posted to Instagram. The video shows Iggy twerking to what is believed to be their upcoming collab:

Furthermore, sources confirm that Iggy also has something in the works (strictly business) with French Montana.

Given that Iggy seems to be moving forward from 2015’s mishaps while preparing for new music, the release of her sophomore album “Digital Distortion” is highly anticipated to drop any day now.

In conclusion, follow Verse Simmonds and Iggy Azalea’s journey on Twitter to find out the latest.

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