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Future Sheds Tears On “Purple Reign” Mixtape

Future releases "Purple Reign" mixtape to Livemixtapes.com
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Going with the 56 trend from previous mixtapes, Future released his mixtape “Purple Reign” to Livemixtapes.com last night at 11:56 pm. With help from producers DJ Esco and Metro Boomin, Future dropped 13 new tracks to bring the new year in proper. OVO fans can expect Drake to peep-in on a few of the standout tracks.And without a doubt, every major hip-hop blog is writing about this unexpected release. Most people either haven’t or won’t hear this mixtape until today. Rest assured, however, you will hear a few songs off this mixtape cross over into radio.

Check out the track list and live stream Future’s new “Purple Reign” mixtape below:

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