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Honey Cocaine Preps To Release “22s” & ‘Honeyd***’ Video

The Toronto native reveals an upcoming project
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Honey Cocaine Preps To Release “22s” & ‘Honeyd***’ Video

After finishing up an incredible 2014 with a few mixtape releases and viral videos, the world had begun to notice rapper Honey Cocaine’s potential as a commercial Hip-Hop artist.

Fast forward half a year later into 2015 and you’ll find that Honey Cocaine is keeping momentum and pushing more soundwaves into the airwaves.

Honey Cocaine “22s LP upcoming release date

Speaking of sound, to mention it, the Toronto native recently revealed the release of an upcoming project titled “22s“:

#22s the LP Oct. 22nd 2015 🔥 https://t.co/CqHVRqaJwl

— Honey C (@QueenHoneyC) August 21, 2015

Which, according to Honey Cocaine’s Twitter timeline, is an LP that has…

10 solid records 😌 https://t.co/4Q6S5v4qOn

— Honey C (@QueenHoneyC) August 18, 2015

There’s no other reason, however, as to why “22s“‘ release date is set for Oct. 22nd (except that it’s the twenty-second day of Oct.) given that Honey’s…

Secretly been in Toronto for a month and the new project is complete.. 🙄

— Honey C (@QueenHoneyC) August 18, 2015

…And aside from all the “22s” hype, Honey’s teasing the release of the ‘Honeyd***’ video, which’ll drop before the release of the LP. These photos from Instagram clearly depict the video’s epic behind-the-scenes process:

A photo posted by Honey C (@queenhoneyc) on

A photo posted by Honey C (@queenhoneyc) on

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