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2 Chainz Works Endlessly In ‘No Off Dayz’

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2 Chainz Works Endlessly In ‘No Off Dayz’

2 Chainz’s Money-Making Anthem, ‘No Off Dayz’

The average work week is usually the 9 to 5 routine. 40 hours fill the routine schedules of our friends and loved ones who’ve got bills to pay.

However, being a boss sometimes requires being on-call and readily available to work. Luckily, rapper 2 Chainz can be counted on 24/7 to conduct business.

Produced by Zaytoven, 2 Chainz publishes his personal calendar in a recent track ‘No Off Dayz’, which summarizes how many digits he’ll collect next pay period:

Nonetheless, 2 Chainz brings dope boy swag with explicit content to match, and is heavily streaming trap-affiliated music this season. Hustlers will grind the wheels all night to this “Tityboi” hood anthem, released on his 38th birthday.

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