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Nicki Minaj Anoints A Fan On Stage Maced In Crowd

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Mace is only effective when it’s in the perpetrator’s face and not our own. Unfortunately, a group of people and a poor girl in particular were pepper sprayed at point-blank range in the crowd of Nicki Minaj’s concert in Concord, California on Friday, August 14th (The Pink Print Tour).

In the short clip we see the crowd scatter frantically as an assailant unleashes the dosage of mace into the air, to the tune of ‘The Night Is Still Young’, Nicki’s latest single from “The Pink Print“. It’s unclear as to who let it go or their reason why…

Luckily enough, the main girl who’s pepper-sprayed is called to come on stage and although she’s in an obvious state of pain, she’s immediately consoled by Nicki in a single moment (for life) that she’ll never forget. This good deed outweighs the bad incident that happened that night—she probably got to meet her idol after the show ended too!

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