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Everything About Honey Cocaine Feels Right In 2015

Honey Cocaine's putting "Asians on the map" and pushing a movement
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Everything About Honey Cocaine Feels Right In 2015

Representing Toronto, a place known and referenced as the “6” in urban music, Honey Cocaine‘s an artist full of potential to expand into mainstream.

Not many can call themselves an expert of Asian rap, a sound which isn’t to be polarized from general rap. But, Honey Cocaine’s sound speaks in a rather daring direction for her background, penning lyrics where situations about money involve guns, drugs, or violence.

The Honey Cocaine 2015 Movement:

Since the release of the Thug Love” mixtape and a circulation of popular song features, (ex. Chanel West Coast’s ‘Blueberry Chills’ and Dizzy Wright’s ‘Fashion’ ft Kid Ink), Honey Cocaine’s put “Asians on the map” while pushing her independent movement to a new maxim and grinding out radio-friendly hits such as:

Even though the use of the “N” word by non-Blacks raises a major red flag in Hip-Hop, musically speaking, Honey doesn’t use the word offensively. Certain audiences, or new listeners of her music, however, still might consider this a “touchy” subject.

Honey Cocaine’s “The Gift Wrap” EP & further success:

Whether or not you appreciate Honey’s campaign, the “Like A Drug” mixtape, or even understand how she deals her cards in the rap game these days; It’s obvious that the “6” has birthed an artist on a wave to rap success.

This year Honey gave fans “The Gift Rap“; “A gift done up nice, it’s well-produced, it’s wrapped, but it’s rap,” according to an interview with Noisey. “And it’s different. It’s a gift to my fans.”

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So, without a doubt…

Honey Cocaine should receive a “Stamp of Approval” for her grind, music, videos, and constant determination this year.

Honey is also this year’s Cambodian Music Festival headliner, which is at the Ford Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Aug. 3rd. 

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