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Gucci Mane Disses The Competition In ‘Birds Of A Feather’

Big Guwop Disses Atlanta's Finest In 'Birds Of A Feather'
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Gucci Mane Disses The Competition In ‘Birds Of A Feather’

Gucci Mane might just be causing a lil trouble for King of the South, T.I. Yo Gotti and long-standing rival Young Jeezy also stand in the line of fire as Guwop takes shots at each rapper in a diss titled ‘Birds Of A Feather/All Of My N***s’.

Just reporting the facts—it’s all neutrality here! But, you know…

It’s obvious Gucci Mane, T.I., Yo Gotti, and Young Jeezy can’t decide who should run the South (Atlanta specifically) in every aspect of the game. These hustlers, with their long-standing rivalry at a head, have been taking shots at one another; Jeezy, Gotti, and Tip to one side, and Gucci Mane to the other.

As long as this feud doesn’t end up being another Tupac and Biggie situation, everything should be fine—even with Gucci’s diss track going viral.

Somehow, Waka Flocka Flame gets thrown in the mix, while Gucci boasts lines such as: “You know I fuck with Flocka he’s a crazy motherf****…” But according to gossip blogs, wasn’t a Gucci vs Flocka beef just recently heating up?

It’s hard to tell who’s on whose side, and this ain’t even half of Gucci’s diss.

He makes personal threats at Tip, Gotti, and Jeezy, while giving a shoutout to Rocko and the currently incarcerated Lil Boosie.

—It’s a whole lot to conclude, so here’s the whole thing below:

Most of these n****, half of these hoes
A couple of my pistols, f*** all of my foes
A few more swishers, a couple more M’s
I’m tryna get richer and free all of my n****

I need all of mine, n****
All of my n****
Im trying to get richer to free to free all of my n****

—Lyrics: Genius

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