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Devil-Worshiping With Brooke Candy

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Devil-Worshiping With Brooke Candy

Only 3 numbers can summon the Father, summon the Demon: 666. Goth stripper-turned-rapper Brooke Candy says she’s on her witchcraft s***, pimping out with Lucifer in the fiery depths of Hell on a rare track called ‘Firey D***’

If Candy isn’t a Son of God, then she must be affiliated with the demons and imps lingering in Hell. Pimping ain’t easy—but Brooke Candy’s so hot and she’ll show you how to properly straddle a ‘Firey D***’.

Brooke Candy Worships The Devil In ‘Firey D****’

Damn Candy, how many words do I have to bleep out here to get the point across to the readers?

Ah hell, just listen to Candy blaze this firey track below:

[Verse 1]

See, I ain’t no son of god, I’m a b**** that trip
Gotta f**** with the devil, got that firey d****
Walk away slow with my left leg limp
And my money in tow, call me Lucifer’s pimp
Firey d****, firey d****, firey d****, fi-fi-firey d****

—Lyrics: Genius

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