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Looking Iggy Azalea’s Way? Better Know ‘Whatchu Looking At’

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Looking Iggy Azalea’s Way? Better Know ‘Whatchu Looking At’

Take a picture, maybe it’ll last longer. At least that’s what Grand Hustle Boss Lady Iggy Azalea is suggesting in her latest track, ‘Whatchu Looking At’.

Iggy may be easy on the eyes, but it sure is rude to stare!

Iggy Azalea – Whatchu Looking At (Audio)

Having recently announced that her debut album, “The New Classic“, is coming soon, Azalea flaunts her rapping finesse over an EDM/Trap-style production, while dismissing haters by asking a simple, yet blatant question: ‘Whatchu Looking At’?

She don’t know, she don’t know a thing
She don’t know a thing about me
Well, she don’t know that I’m on a roll
I’m a motherf**** G, and we long distance
Sipping on biscuits, sipping our tea
We flip them the bird, then let them fly on for free
Watcha lookin’ at? Whatcha lookin’ at?
Watcha lookin at? Watcha lookin’ at?

—Lyrics: Genius

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