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Brooke Candy Claims She’s “Gay” On Karmaloop TV

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Brooke Candy Claims She’s “Gay” On Karmaloop TV

Straight up: Brooke Candy probably doesn’t want to have sex with you if you’re a guy. In fact, while performing a new song live on Karmaloop TV, she openly admitted to being a “dyke”. With that being said, it’s safe to say that FagMob is still in full effect.

“I wanna f*** right now” is this Freaky Prince$$’s motto. It’s all about girl empowerment and female dominance. Brooke Candy confesses the truth; I mean: let’s be honest wink.

Check out the performance below, in which Candy deflowers one her new song’s virginity and announces on her Twitter that she will soon be releasing the visuals to ‘Everybody Does’ via Dazed Digital.

Edit: Video has since been removed by Karmaloop.

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