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Shimmer Baby, Kreayshawn, & A Flock Of ‘Chickenheads’

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Shimmer Baby, Kreayshawn, & A Flock Of ‘Chickenheads’

Shimmer Baby, a sexually-charged female rapper from the UK,  has released her debut mixtape, “Easy Like Sundae“.

For now, check out Shimmer’s sensual and visually-provoking video for ‘Chickenheads ft. Kreayshawn’, which has made UK sound even more buzzworthy.

Update (2016): I made personal contact with Shimmer Baby in 2014 after receiving an email of a video copyright claim from her label. The email included Shimmer’s real UK address, phone number, and other very secure details. Shimmer confirmed she was aware that her personal info had leaked, and that she was stuck in a sour music contract which restricted most of her videos from the net. The video is no longer available.

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